My Faction --=[Ruthless]=--

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My Faction --=[Ruthless]=--

Post by Syzed [Admin] on Fri Mar 04, 2016 9:21 am

0==[\\] Ruthless [//]==0
HCF Faction
Founded 3.4.16

A faction founded at the birth of the new year in hopes of mobilizing Elite PvPers on Litnetwork, Ruthless was created to develop a community of PvPers who enjoy battling and to make PvP a more prominent part of the server. Ruthless aims to create alliances between players as well as an opportunity for it's members to train with each other with trust that heads will be returned upon a players defeat. We aim to dominate the Factions world and challenge other Warlords to create opposing factions to reclaim their place in the arena.

Ruthless follows a hierarchy system in which the Overlord has rule over all guild actions including, however not limited to, recruitment, promotions, demotions, events, truces, alliances, bounties, wars and enemies. All officers and enlisted players will report on all events guild related to the Overlord himself and the Overlord shall take action accordingly.

Overlord: Haiku/Syzed (Me)
Presides over the guild.
Guild Heir: Unchosen
Inherits the guild at the dismissal of the Overlord.
Grand Duke: Unchosen
Highest rated male PvPer.
Grand Duchess: Unchosen
Highest rated female PvPer.

Centurion: Unchosen
Leader of the troops in the field.
General: Unchosen
Second in command of troops.
Obsidian Guard: Unchosen
PvPer with the greatest ability to survive.
Knight: Unchosen
Knight: Unchosen
Knight: Unchosen
Entry rank troop commanders.


Ruthless takes anonymous bounties from players. The submitter of a bounty MUST remain anonymous or their bounty will be removed and their deposit will be forfeited. A player looking for a head may submit the bounty to the Overlord, Syzed/Haiku, through enjin mail and the bounty will be posted on the guild forum. The player must submit their price they wish to purchase the head for as well as 50% of the amount they are paying for the head at the time. This 50% will be a down payment and the other half will be paid when the player receives their head. As for the player who fulfills the bounty, they will be given a 90% cut of the price of the bounty, 10% going to the guild for listing fees. Both a guild member or non-guild member may fill a bounty, so if you have a head someone is looking for, contact the Overlord. If the submitter of the bounty pulls out their listing they will be returned 4/5ths of their deposit, with the remaining 1/5th going to the guild for listing fees. If a player pulls out their bounty after the guild has purchased a head from a provider, the lister will not be refunded any of their down payment. Bounties will be filtered and ridiculous bounty prices will not be accepted by the guild.
Current Bounties

Anyone, guild member or not, may set a bounty.

No power can survive without it's allies. Ruthless gladly accepts alliances from either players or other guilds. Alliances are for non guild members that wish to gain guild support in PvP. Alliances for individual players are rarely granted, due to being a very active and well rounded PvPer as a requirement. Guild owners and players applying for an alliance can enjin mail Syzed/Haiku to further discuss consideration. Guild members found killing allied players will be punished, demoted and/or possibly expelled from the guild.
Allied Factions
None, apply for an alliance by enjin mailing Haiku/Syzed
Allied Individuals
None, apply for an alliance by enjin mailing Haiku/Syzed

Rivals are a common part of all power struggles. We are no different, as we all have enemies. Guild members are encouraged to battle the guilds enemies and provide honor for the guild in triumph in those battles. Players on this list are not hated by the guild, rather players that we commonly battle with and attempt to defeat. Players and guilds on this list are added and removed at the discretion of the guild's Royals, primarily the Overlord.
Enemy Factions
Enemy Individuals

Ruthless values all it's members, from Generals to Warriors and we want every PvPer to have a chance in joining the guild, therefor, we currently have open applications. The following application process is the only way to join the guild, enter the guild as a Warrior. Depending on your skill and disposition towards the guild, at the discretion of the Overlord, you may also achieve an officer rank. Because this is a guild based around PvPing, being an active PvPer is a requirement for anyone applying for membership. Copy and paste the application that follows and reply to this thread.
Swords or Axes?:
Highest Weapon Tier (God Sharpness 4 Sharpness 3 etc):
Highest Armor Tier (God, Protection 3 Protection 2 etc)):
PvP Skill Level: (#)/10
PvP Test: (Do not edit this)
Application Status: Pending (Do not edit)
By submitting this application I agree to follow the guild rules on fighting members of the alliance, maintain a good name for the guild and avoid using hacks or clients that provide any advantages in PvP and I recognize that I may be removed from the guild at any time due to failure to comply with these rules.

Ruthless is proud to announce themselves as the server's first PvP guild and invite everyone to participate in the PvP scene by joining, creating or allying a guild. We know that not everyone is a PvPer and we understand that fully, however we hope to broaden the PvP side of the server and make it enjoyable for all through friendly competition. We hope you apply and wish you all luck in the arena.
~Overlord Syzed/Haiku

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